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  • Provide quality education to K12 students about natural resources, waste reduction and taking responsibility.
  • Assist schools in creating projects that make local schools healthier, while reducing their environmental impacts.

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How do I donate by mail?

  • Please make check out to Institute for Sustainability Education and Ecology;
  • Our tax ID is 93-1239644;
  • Our address is: P.O. Box 5757, Eugene, OR 97405;
  • (NOTE: Partners for Sustainable Schools [PSS] is a "dba" of the Institute for Sustainability Education and Ecology [ISEE]. They are one in the same.)

Who is Partners for Sustainable Schools?

  • PSS is a 501-C-3 nonprofit;
  • PSS works with Lane County schools (Grades K-12);
  • PSS works throughout Oregon to promote environmental education;
  • PSS was formed in 2008;
  • Mel Bankoff is the founder and executive director of PSS.

What is the mission of Partners for Sustainable Schools?

“To integrate sustainability in all aspects of K-12 education in Lane County, providing young people with opportunities to develop life skills that build wonder, hope and vision.”

What work does Partners for Sustainable Schools do in the schools?

  • PSS forms Green Partnership Schools (GPS), a commitment between a school and PSS to provide environmental education to 4th grade classrooms, and whole school activities through a strong Green Team supported by PSS, parents and school staff.
  • We are presently working in 11 elementary schools. We teach between 800-1200 students each year with our 8-week in-class sustainability curriculum, youth conferences and Green Teams. All of our programs provide highly interactive, hands-on learning that promotes both understanding and appreciation for all living systems. We instill and inspire a sense of individual empowerment by teaching students to have a greater responsibility for greening their classroom, school and home.
  • PSS assists schools in forming both adult and student Green Teams that coordinate regular meetings to plan green events at the school and in the community. Green Teams ensure that there are active recycling and re-use programs at each school.
  • In collaboration with Lane County Waste Management, PSS is the local coordinator for the statewide "Oregon Green Schools" program, assisting each schools in becoming certified. Their work can include a range of projects from setting up composting systems, to organizing alternate modes of transportation to school.
  • We have partnered with the University of Oregon to offer a professional development conference, and academic coursework, entitled "Next Generation: STEM, Standards and Sustainability." The next conference is scheduled for April 2016.
  • Our “Hope in Action” conference happens twice annually with over 500 student participants each year. Students spend the day in workshops learning from community leaders, and other non-profits, about the many critical aspects of what makes a healthy sustainable community. We have local keynote speakers, entertainment, and an open-mic for students to share their experience of the day with the whole group.

Who are some of the PSS partners?

  • The University of Oregon: We accept interns from the Environmental Studies Dept., Environmental Leadership Program, and the Dept. of Education. We are presently working with the UO Academic Extension to put together our first teacher’s conference this June on eco-literacy, current Common Core standards, and Next Generation Science Standards. Teachers will be able to receive Professional Development Units or Academic Credit for their continuing education.
  • Lane Community College: We offer intern positions with Lane Community College’s Northwest Energy Education Institute, also known as the “Energy Management” program.
  • Lane County Waste Management Division: We work with Lane County in the coordination of the Oregon Green Schools certification program throughout the county.
  • PSS works with many of our other local non-profits, such as BRING, NextStep, Farm to School/WFFC, Safe Routes to School, MECCA, School Garden Project, Seeds of Peace, WREN, etc.

What people are saying about us, and what we do:

"Comprehensive sustainability will be the new framework of the millennium student, and Oregon needs to help lead this shift to a new planetary wisdom. PSS plays an important role in bringing this critical shift forward.”
~ Art Paz, Former Chair, State Board of Education

"As educators, we strive to ensure our students graduate ready for college and careers. We are delighted to collaborate with Partners for Sustainable Schools, which offers real-world experience in the important areas of water and energy sustainability."
~ Dr. Shelley Berman - 4J Superintendent

"The work that PSS does in our Bethel schools teaches our students the importance of Earth stewardship in creating a healthy and thriving community."
- Superintendent Colt Gill, Bethel School District

“The content covered by Partners for Sustainable Schools aligned perfectly with our content areas. The students were actively engaged and excited about the program's lessons. The presenters always came prepared with hands-on highly engaging lessons that were both fun and aligned to our state standards. We've loved having them in the classroom.” ~ Erin Moss – 4th Grade teacher Irving Elementary, Eugene, OR

“It is so great to have Partners for Sustainable Schools work with my students. They come in prepared with meaningful lessons for my students, and every week, my kids look forward to learning about a new topic. At the end, they all became more aware of ways to help live in sustainable ways and even work at school to find ways to save Earth's precious resources.”
~ Angie Bunday – 4th Grade teacher Corridor Elementary, Eugene, OR