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Your help in our fundraising drive allows us to reach more students in Lane County, and throughout Oregon. We empower students to be leaders so they can make postive changes in their world, and promote a healthy environment and socially just communities.
 Partners for Sustainable Schools (PSS) is dedicated to helping your school "Go Green." We are here to help your school progress in the areas of waste reduction, energy savings, climate change education, water conservation, supporting local & sustainable agriculture, and empowering students to be leaders in what they are passionate to accomplish.
Below is a list of our Programs & Partners. Please contact us with any questions.
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Our Programs
The Oregon Green Schools (OGS) program is focused on assisting your school in efforts to reduce waste, encourage recycling / reuse, saving energy and conserving water. Once your Oregon Green Schools application is completed and reviewed, your school will become eligible for certification and the local OGS incentive grant. Becoming certified can help your school save money, help the environment and involve students in some of the most important projects at your school.  Click here for more info.
PSS is working with local schools to create a model for the future. Each "Green Partnership School" is working to integrate sustainability education, a full-fledged Green Team, and a program to monitor waste, water and energy. This model allows for a community collaboration, bringing students, staff and families together with local organization to do incredibly positive things.  Click here for more info.
We love it when parents get involved at their schools! We are helping this happen through our collaboration with the Center for Earth Leadership. Their successful "Eco-School Networks" program brings parents together to form meaningful partnerships. Networks have been developed in Portland, Beaverton, Salem, Corvallis, and now in Eugene/Springfield.  Click Here for more info.
Every year Partners for Sustainable Schools (PSS) invites Lane County schools to send students to the Hope in Action youth conference. There are always fun things to do at the conference. Each workshop provides a hands-on experience for the students, and workshop presenters are leaders in our community as well as seasoned educators about our local environment and beyond!
Green Teachers
Network Gatherings
Several times a year PSS invites all teachers to come and speak their minds. We want to know what is working, and what is challenging in regards to sustainability programs at local schools. Who better to report on this than the Green Teachers that are working hard every day in their schools to make this a reality.
Our Local Community Partners
Local Food
Local food partners will help you grow a garden or educate on the benefits of eating local. Here are the organazations we partner with: Willamette Farm and Food Coalition / Farm to School, Food for Lane County / Youth Farm, the School Garden Project, Northwest Youth Corps / YouthGrow.
Transporation Partners
Our transportation partners have a whole lot of ideas on how a school's staff and students can get to school without polluting the air and contributing to global warming. Here are the organizations we partner with: Safe Routes to School, Point-to-Point School Solutions
Waste Reduction
Waste from your school not only uses up precious space by making our Short Mountain landfill even bigger, it also contributes to global warming! Trash gives off methane, a potent green house gas. There are many waste reduction partners in our area including: BRING Recycling, NextStep Recycling, Lane County Waste Management, City of Eugene Waste Prevention and Green Building Program
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